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[2010.9.12.] Isang Yun Concert 2010.9.12
Date: 2010.9.12 Sunday 8:00pm
Venue: Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall
Addmission: VIP 70,000 R 50,000 S 30,000 A 20,000
Program: Lalo "Symphonie Espgnole"
Solist: Kowoon Yang
Conductor: Chi-Yong Chung
                Wonju Philharmonic Orchestra

This concert is to publicize the Isang Yun International Composition Prize 2011. A piece "Splash.s!!"by Tak-Su Kim (awarded 2009 Yun Isang International Composition Chung-Ang Newspaper Special prize) and Symphony by Isang Yun will be played. Lalo Symphonie Espagnole is known as Isang Yun's one of the favorite violin pieces.
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